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Dear visitors!

Please look at our website, there you will find various plastic products, you can use in your garden or in your household. We are expanding continuously our product range.

We spend almost all products with 10% discount if you buy a whole package. If you only need a few pieces as there are in package, ask your relatives and friends. If you pick a whole package, you buy CHEAPER!

Plastic products

Flower pot

Item No.: 650165

44,06 lt, BxHxL: 68*24*27 cm Discontinued, in stock: 1 pcs

Price: 41.24 EUR (32.47 EUR+VAT)

Discount: 30 %

Polyrattan planter. The inside is made with galvanized metal sheet, the outside is covered with polyrattan and finished with polished...

Price: 146.80 EUR (115.59 EUR+VAT)

Lace multi-purpose basket

Item No.: 741206

18,4*24,4*10 cm

Price: 2.36 EUR (1.86 EUR+VAT)

Flower pot Classica mini

Item No.: VA305-CM0035

30 lt, Diameter x H: 35*32 cm

Price: 48.82 EUR (38.44 EUR+VAT)

Flower pot Festonia maxi

Item No.: VA303-CM0050

60 lt, Diameter x H: 50*42 cm

Price: 79.30 EUR (62.44 EUR+VAT)

12,3*12,3*5,7 cm

Price: 0.81 EUR (0.64 EUR+VAT)

Self-watering planter made of styrodur (XPS). It is equipped with watering system, which gradually waters the plants. On stock:...

Price: 85.42 EUR (67.26 EUR+VAT)

9,5*13*20,2 cm

Price: 2.21 EUR (1.74 EUR+VAT)

Liscio planting trough 60x29 cm

Item No.: FI304-CM0060

Price: 71.17 EUR (56.04 EUR+VAT)

Flowerbox Roxanne 60 cm, with saucer

Item No.: CA007-CM0060

upper external W*L: 19,0 cm 59,0 cm upper internal W*L: 17,0 cm 57,0 cm bottom...

Price: 8.05 EUR (6.34 EUR+VAT)

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