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Delivery conditions

In Hungary

The ordered products were delivered by the contracted delivery service.
The shipping cost depends on the total weight of ordered products and packaging.
Here you see the shipping costs:

gross Price in HUF
0-1 kg 1099
1,01-2 kg 1146
2,01-3 kg 1224
3,01 kg-4 kg 1295
4,01 kg-5 kg 1381
5,01 kg-10 kg 1428
10,01 kg-15 kg 1664
15,01 kg-20 kg 1868
20,01 kg-25 kg 2048
25,01 kg-30 kg 2260
30,01 kg-35 kg 4104
35,01 kg-40 kg 4615
40,01 kg-50 kg 7452
50,01 kg-60 kg 8214
60,01 kg-70 kg 8938
70,01 kg-80 kg 9700
80,01 kg-90 kg 10447
90,01 kg-100 kg 11186
100,01 kg felett 15000


If you pay with cash on delivery, we charge 438 HUF gross once.


For retailers, if not allow the total weight of products ordered, delivery in a package to be done, the shipping costs are billed separately by arrangement.

The duration of the expected delivery date is 3-4 working days after confirmation of order. We provide information about the delivery date by e-mail.

Except Hungary

The ordered products were delivered by the Austrian Post.
The delivery depends on the severity and extent of the ordered goods. All prices on the website are valid, the longest side of the package no longer than 100 cm, and square shaped. Of course, we try our best luggage to their previous settings as one wishes. If the amount of goods ordered does not allow to send the luggage with reasonable prices, then we inform the customer about the additional cost, who should decide whether to keep or cancel the order. If the customer accepts the additional costs, we set the higher shipping costs.


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